Thekutakuti is one of the designer brand focusing on ladies’ apparel. Thekutakuti offers styles of clothes whilst maintaining the prim, proper and modest-kind of dress code. Actively succeeding via their Instagram and Shopee portal, Thekutakuti continues to spread its wings in reaching numerous groundbreaking goals in the modest fashion world. We are committed in making your navigation and shopping experience easy, in proper swiftness and also stress-free. We wish you a lovely and pleasing browsing experience throughout this site. Happy shopping!


Hello, #gadisthekutakuti! I'm Awatif. Do you know how much I love to run a business? Let's back track for a bit. When I was still in primary school, I often helped my mother to sell nasi lemak to my friends. It's a precious memory that I held close to me. The best part is, my school teachers bought them from me too and it made me a lot happier!  

Oops, we've strayed a little too far did we? Jumping back to Thekutakuti, it's my most treasured business that I've worked on during my degree years back in 2014. If I remembered correctly, it was on my final year in USM. That time, I thought about doing something before my convocation so I planned to run a business with a partner (my husband now).

What even is Thekutakuti and where does the name stands from? It's a combination of words of "KURTA" and "KURTI". To make it sounds a little bit fancier, I put the word "THE" in the front and voila! THEKUTAKUTI came to be. To be frank, my youngest brother came up with the naming idea. I started selling kurtis first and I ordered it directly from India. Our hottest variations are "KAJOL" and "MARYAM" back then!

Now, it's twenty-eighteen. I find out that, I need to expand my business other than selling kurti alone. Since I've completed my Master during that period, I'm practically free from having to bury my face into lab research, journals, papers, thesis and much more. I took my first step in selling casual clothings as market test. Alhamdulillah, "Dewirani" still received so much love until today. I adored cotton based clothings so much because it's really comfy! The fact that people need to think twice before choosing cotton made clothings makes me feel so challenged! That said, most of our collections' fabric are made from cotton!

Nothing could make me so overjoyed to see #gadisthekutakuti having a splendid and dazzling OOTD with our collections. Years of support and your greatest attentions give us the strength to keep moving forward (and bringing more amazing designs). From hauling every colour there is for our "Dewirani" to pre-ordering our not-yet released designs in advance, I could have never been prouder with our lovely #gadisThekutakuti ❤️



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